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        TTM Technologies Support
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        Data Upload


        For reference, a data package checklist is provided to help you prepare a complete data package. If you require assistance transferring files, please contact the factory support staff listed below.

        Send data package to one of the following data sites:

        Chippewa Falls Division

        Secure Data Transferhttps://dash.ttm.com
        Email: readin@ttmtech.com (RFQ information only – no data)
        Support: Brad Humboldt 715.720.5136
        Travis Liddell 715.720.5453

        Commercial Printed Circuit Boards - North America

        Secure Data Transferhttps://dash.ttm.com
        Email: submit@ttmtech.com (RFQ information only – no data)
        Support: Data Receipt 714.327.3000 x3168

        Commercial Printed Circuit Boards - Asia Pacific

        Secure Data Transferhttps://dash.ttm.com   (Asia Pacific DASH User Guide - pdf)
        E-Mail:  submit@ttmtech.com.hk
        Support:  +852.2660.3193

        Aerospace & Defense PCBs

        Secure Data Transferhttps://dash.ttm.com
        Email: aerodefquotes@ttmtech.com (RFQ information only – no data)
        Support: 860.684.5881 x6635

        Electronic Assemblies

        Secure Data Transferhttps://dash.ttm.com
        Email: ElectronicAssemblyQuotes@ttmtech.com (RFQ information only – no data)
        Support: 860.746.6280

        E-M Solutions - Data Transfer

        Data can be transferred to E-M Solutions sites through our FTP location.
        Server Name: apftp.ttm.com URL: ftp://apftp.ttm.com
        A password is required for access. Please contact our FTP support team for a secure user name at (503) 992-4444 or e-mail it.support@ttm.com